3 Things I Learned From Our Church This Sunday

Isn’t it ‘funny’ how things work sometimes? Life takes twists and turns, things happen, and we say with amazement in our voices, “What a coincidence!” All the while, God is watching and working, and responds, “Really? Coincidence? You are such a doofus.” (I’m pretty sure that’s what He says). It is humbling to think that the creator of the universe has been orchestrating events in the world that ultimately affect little old me. I was struck by this truth during worship Sunday; all the events and twists and turns that had to occur to bring me to this place (literally and figuratively) would take all day to share. I am so blessed! So, three things I learned from the amazing folks at Pleasant Hill…

1. They are so aware of what is going on in the world. They understand that the church exists for those who don’t believe. As important as it is to gather together and worship, the world ‘out there’ needs to hear the hope that only Christ brings. And they keep reminding me of the little things we could be doing to make a real difference. Keep pressing on, folks; let none of us become weary doing the work, and let none of us
forget what the work is!

2. Music style is not the most important issue in church. As a church that worships ‘traditionally’ it is sometimes tempting to want to emulate other churches who worship differently. While I appreciate all forms of worship, it is gratifying to serve a community of believers that understands worship for what it is; lifting our hearts and minds and voices to a risen savior! Be it with organs or guitars, the focus remains on the King!

3. Volunteers are awesome! When I think of how many folks it takes to ‘pull off’ a Sunday of worship, I am so grateful for the folks who show up week after week to hold babies, teach children, teach adults, unlock/lock doors, run A/V equipment, on and on…they are the unsung heroes of the church, and need to be celebrated. Thank you volunteers!!!! I love you and appreciate you!!!!

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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