3 Things Our Church Taught Me Sunday

Let me just say right off that I am so blessed to be the pastor of this church! God is good! And He is continuing to teach me each and every week how to better shepherd this flock. Here’s what I learned this past week…

1. God has been working in this church for a very long time. They have been blessed with amazing pastors over their 160+ years, and the teaching has been biblical and challenging. And now they are prepared to do whatever God is calling us to do as a church. I’m just along for the ride, trying to keep us from going off the rails!

2. Having said that, it is humbling to think that I’ll have an opportunity to play a small part in the history of this covenant body. An old friend told me recently that ‘all pastors are interim pastors,’ and that really put it all in perspective for me. But with that understanding comes an awesome responsibility; I have been called to lead this flock during this small part of their history. And I take that very seriously.

3. They make me laugh! I love happy people (who wants to be surrounded by grumpy, negative people?), and the joy of the Lord is present in this place. What more could a pastor ask for?

I love this church!

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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