3 Things I Learned From Our Church This Sunday

Sunday was an interesting day, to be sure. And by interesting, I mean ‘not always on point’. But Monday came as planned, and life rolls on! So 3 things the gang taught me during the course of our time together…

1. As folks left the church, they gave nothing but encouraging and kind words. Now, I hesitate to call our parishioners liars, so we must then assume they are the most grace-filled believers on the planet. Grace-filled, hence gracious. Because my first words to my wife when we got in the car were, “That was terrible.” And she didn’t argue with me. (Now here the cynic may say, “But it’s not about you, Pastor.” And they would be right. It’s not about me. But in the act of communicating the Gospel, it is always my intent to preach Christ on the cross, and leave the crowd with a ‘takeaway’. That surely didn’t happen on Sunday, and that was terrible).

2. We had a special time on Sunday evening (see #3) as we discussed church vision, mission, and all that fun stuff. I so much appreciate the openness and honesty of all the folks, as we seek God’s will for our church. In God’s providential plan, He has assembled an amazing group of God-followers, who are ready and willing to do whatever God needs us to do as HE builds His church!

3. Sunday evening was apparently “Free Pass From Church ‘Cause Carolina Is Playing In The NCAA Tournament’ Sunday. And I didn’t pray for UNC to lose, either. I promise. Ask the 8 people who were there. 🙂


About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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