Dreams and Desires (With a Side of Guilt)

So I want to go to the beach. You know, play in the water with the kids, collect shells, have a nice evening watching the sunset…Actually, I want to live at the beach.

You were probably okay with me saying I wanted to ‘go’ to the beach; you do too, right?! But when I said I wanted to ‘live’ there, you rolled your eyes and said something like, “But Pastor, you have to go where God sends you. You know that, right?!”

It’s been a few  months since I’ve been to the beach, but if my memory serves me correctly, I think I saw a few hundred churches down there. Ergo, God does send pastors to the beach.

So to my dilemma (and I’m sure the dilemma of many others)…When we identify dreams and desires in our lives, and they are not overtly ‘desires of the flesh,’  what is stopping us from pursuing these dreams? Now, before you have a coronary, I’m not suggesting that a decision to move to the beach, for example, would not be bathed in prayer or undertaken without counsel.

My struggle is with the source of the dream or desire itself. If God does not want me to pastor a church on Cape Cod (and what kind of God would THAT be?), why is that a desire of my heart?

Psalm 37:4…”Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Does that mean he will give, as in ‘provide’, the desires? He will ‘place them in your heart?’ Or does that mean the dreams and desires of our hearts will be fulfilled by God’s grace? That’s a big difference!! Or does it mean both? According to The Pulpit Commentary:

In v. 4,

וְיִתֵּן is an apodosis: delight in Jahve (cf. Job 22:26; 27:10, Isa. 58:14), so will He grant thee the desire (משׁאלת, as in 20:65) of thy heart; for he who, entirely severed from the creature, finds his highest delight in God, cannot desire anything that is at enmity with God, but he also can desire nothing that God, with whose will his own is thoroughly blended in love, would refuse him.

Excuse me while I start packing seeking God’s will.

p.s. This is just an example. Sort of.

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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One Response to Dreams and Desires (With a Side of Guilt)

  1. Pam says:

    do tell…………….holy moly………my little cousin Greg!……..Jen called me to say she saw your info/blog…….now if we could get the whole darn family to migrate to the Cape………WHOOOOOPPEEEE! Luv ya bud….and am so darn proud of you!!!!!…….Pam

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