3 Things I Learned This Weekend



1. Do we really need a preacher?  As we were singing hymns Sunday evening, I was struck by the richness of theology contained in most of the great old hymns we sing. It would not be a stretch to say that it would be possible to ‘preach’ a fully-orbed gospel message using only the hymnbook. From creation to redemption, the old hymn writers have it covered. A church would only need a music director, some musicians, and a couple trained counselors hanging around.

2. Do we really need instruments? We were blessed during our morning worship to hear a beautiful rendition of  His Eye is on the Sparrow sung a cappella. ‘Nuff said (Our church is blessed with talented keyboardists both on the piano and the organ; I love both performers and their instruments, but they would have added little to the performance).

3. Do we really need Honey Boo Boo? Okay, I didn’t learn about Honey Boo Boo in church yesterday, but the question is still on the table. I don’t know why I’m surprised by this show. It is, after all, simply the next step in the ‘evolution’ of media. From the Kardashians, to our beloved Teen Moms, it should come as no surprise that we are now subjected to this idiocy. Have any of my preacher friends used any Honey Boo Boo footage as sermon illustration material?

3.5. I love this church!! You guys are the most generous people I have ever met!

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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