3 Things I Learned This Weekend


It is always a blessing to gather together each weekend with church family. It was an even greater blessing this weekend, as our church honored our family on our first anniversary with them. Here’s what I learned through the generosity and graciousness of our church family…

1. I know me. They know me. And yet they still practice grace and mercy towards me. That, my friends, is the Christian walk in a nutshell; because grace has been bestowed upon us, we are to be gracious with one another. I am humbled (yet proud!) to be the pastor of this congregation.

2. Public acknowledgement and appreciation is powerful and inspiring. Effective leaders practice what Andy Stanley defines as ‘celebrating the win.’ It is important for organizational health to acknowledge and celebrate the small wins publicly. (In various conversations with church members, I was congratulated for ‘surviving my first year’ and reminded that, in effect, a one-year anniversary is merely the signal of ‘the end of your grace period’). I choose to stick with the ‘celebrating the win’ metaphor. I do appreciate the public display of affection and appreciation, but it also served as a reminder to me  of how to better show appreciation for staff and volunteers.

3. These guys will find any excuse to eat. Again, they out-did themselves with a wonderful covered-dish luncheon following the service. There is nothing I enjoy more than a table full of casseroles.

3.5. God has placed us in a specific place for a specific time. May we continue to seek his guidance in all we do, and continue to praise him for all he has done. I am so thankful that he has seen fit to place us on ‘The Hill’ for such a time as this.

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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