3 Things I Learned On The Hill



I love Sundays. From the first cup of coffee on the porch to the final seconds of Sunday Night Baseball (or Football), it is always a special day. Draining, for sure, but always motivational. I’m thankful for what God is doing presently, and excited  to see what the future holds for  our church. Here’s my takeaways from our time together…

1. Our guest speakers were amazing! As missionaries in our school system (you read that right- they are allowed to enter the elementary schools for one hour each week to share the gospel!), they have an amazing opportunity to love on our kids, many of whom don’t see too much love in their lives. You can check out their ministry here. As a church, we have committed to supporting these folks, and I can’t imagine a more effective, important ministry than this one. I look forward to the day we can pour resources into mission opportunities such as this.

2. I could be mistaken, but I only remember one visitor in the past year who “just showed up.” Most visitors (I prefer the term ‘guests,’ but I’m not getting full support in this mission) are invited by family and friends. You know this to be true. I know this to be true. All the experts tell us this is true. Our guests who worshipped with us Sunday told me exactly who had invited them. Well done, folks. Keep plugging away and invite the unchurched to worship with us. As they say, this ain’t rocket science!

3. Never ask a senior lady if she has any tattoos. It’s kind of a long story, so we’ll just leave it at that. My Dad always told me never to ask a woman’s age and never attempt to guess a woman’s weight. Add tattoos to the list of no-no’s. For the record, I’m not convinced she doesn’t have one.

3.5. Pleasant Hill is a special place. Whether you prefer a suit and tie, or have tattoos  from head to toe (or both!), I invite you to join us!

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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