Election Day Thoughts

Being an election year (and day!), things are a little testy in social media land. All the more reason to heed the advice of the fine folks at Redeemer, who tweeted the following:


Shouldn’t that be the way we ‘do church’ also? In these contentious times, wouldn’t it be nice if the church was, well, nice? What could that look like?

  • Pray for your church. Of course you already do that, right? Do you love your church? Would you vote for it? Pray for your church, and then pray some more. Pray that in all your church does, it can honestly and humbly say, “We are not here to make a name; we are here to glorify a name.” Pray.
  • Pray for the unchurched. How often do we do this? Has your church defined what it is all about? Where do the unchurched fit in the mission or vision of your church? Are you burdened for those outside your church family? Do you love your neighbor as yourself? How welcome do the unchurched feel at your church, really?
  • Pray for both. Have I mentioned prayer? Be praying that God would show your church how to reach the unchurched. That process will look different for each church. The programming may look different for each church. But the purpose should be similar: to reach the unchurched for Christ and love them as part of the family.

May God’s will be done today at the polls, and may God’s will be done in the lives of our churches. Pray and love.

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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