Public Gratitude

Even though I am on vacation, I shaved this morning. I don’t know if I’m finally starting to grow up (not likely), or if it was because of being Thanksgiving morning (more likely), but there I was early this morning, shaving.

Whilst I was shaving, I was pondering something I heard someone say earlier this week:


I was thinking about to whom I needed to publicly, verbally, OUT LOUD say thank you. It matters not that I think someone is just peachy, and the best employee/friend/staff member/spouse/child/mother-in-law (okay, I’m really forcing the issue now)/etc.

What matters is what I communicate! Do THEY know how I feel about them? Do THEY know how much I appreciate them?

In the midst of all this deep thinking, I received a text from one of my brothers-in-law; he texted me early this morning, while I was shaving, to tell me how much he appreciated me. That is how he rolls, to be sure. And  that is why he has been blessed to be a successful, effective leader not only in his home but in the ‘secular’ and church worlds.

It’s Thanksgiving. We’re all thankful. TELL someone today (right now, even!) how much you appreciate them. Sending cards is good, but a personal, face-to-face Thank You is gooder.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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