Dancing Naked



I was at a music festival a few years ago, enjoying the sights and sounds, and came upon a group of young women who were showing off their hula hoop skills.

But that’s not all they were showing off.

They were, indeed, naked.

Well, they weren’t totally naked; they had lovely colored ribbons in their hair.

Now, I’m a pretty progressive thinker, and have always encouraged my kids and friends to ‘fly their freak flag,’ if you will. If you choose to dance naked, that’s your business. But here’s the deal, and you need to hear this:

Someone just posted a video of you dancing naked on Youtube.

Nothing we do in this world today goes unnoticed or undocumented.

Author and thinker Seth Godin has some great thought about this here. Seth calls this ‘history’ of ours our backlist. He says that as you get older,

You’re going to become a lot more aware of the posterity of the work you do. It’s all on tape, all left behind. Just as you’re less likely to litter in your own backyard, the person aware of his backlist becomes more careful and civic minded.

We all have a backlist. Pastors have their sermons recorded, for better or worse (ask Louie Giglio how this worked out for him). Bloggers put it all out there. Facebook and Twitter are huge dumping grounds for potential fodder.

Just know that potential employers, potential partners, potential opportunities are all watching. Your backlist can show all your assets. Or it can show all your…well, ass.

So go ahead and dance naked. It’s fun, it’s free, it’s your life, girlfriend.

I’ll be looking for you on Youtube.

Peace…Pastor Greg.

PG’s-13 is my opportunity to ‘dance naked.’ It is here I share my thoughts on ministry, faith, and culture. These are my thoughts, and do not necessarily represent the thoughts of my church, family, or any naked dancing girls.

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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