Should Pastors Wear Masks?


Uh-oh. Someone woke up feeling a little feisty. Someone (me) always wakes up a little feisty.

And then I’m reminded that I am a pastor, and must behave with dignity and restraint. Whatever that means.

Especially when it comes to social media.

I make a conscious effort to watch what I respond to, share, ‘like,’ etc.

But is that fair? Is that right? Am I pretending to be someone I’m not?

If I am indeed ‘fearfully and wonderfully made,’ shouldn’t I be allowed to be ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ transparent and open and honest and irreverent and feisty, both in real life and in the imaginary world of social media?

I’m well aware of the qualifications in 1 Timothy of leaders in the church, but where is the line drawn when it comes to personality? How much of ME is allowed to paint my pastoral role, or my interactive role with friends and family on Facebook or Twitter or Google+, etc. (I am active on all these sites, but always with the ominous cloud of potential vocational backlash hanging overhead).

I also believe I am to bring God glory in what I do, and model Christ-like behavior. But I’m a human who loves to laugh, and sometimes leans to an irreverent side. There are many times a meme or video comes across my Twitter feed that makes me laugh out loud. Unfortunately, most of the senior adults in our church would not laugh so heartily. You know how it goes. And I haven’t even addressed the political realm yet. Oh boy.

Let me give you an example. I recently sent a message to one of my daughters…


Now, I love Habitat for Humanity, and support them 100%. I’m even sporting one of their hats as I type this:


So my question is:

How much of ME can I be?

Peace. Pastor Greg

In an effort to keep separate my role as pastor and some of my ‘other’ pursuits, I am creating another blog site to funnel my thoughts and activities in the realm of child advocacy and other social concerns: Do Not Get Comfortable. It might get a little crazy over there…

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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