Is ‘Planting Seeds’ a Cop-Out?


Couple random, but related, thoughts…


If you have spent more than 18 minutes in the church, you have more than likely heard the following statement,

“Well, at least we planted some seeds!”

This statement usually follows a half-hearted attempt at ministry or evangelism. A couple folks went out to hand out some bibles (secretly hoping that no one came to the door) or to help distribute some potatoes to the hungry.

Are these wonderful acts of love and kindness? Sure.

Can God use these acts for His glory? Sure. (He can do it without our help, too, though)

But my point is this: is OUR work done when the potatoes are all handed out?

When the box of bibles is empty, what then?

What usually happens is a slow, backwards walk back to our comfort zone.

We comfort each other (and ourselves) with the ‘at least we planted some seeds’ moral victory.

Can we call this what it really is: a cop-out?

Do we enter into the messy lives of those we are trying to help?

Or do we do the bare minimum requirement of Great Commission Christianity?

My garden would be a disaster if all I did was ‘plant some seeds.’


What about people who say they are going to change the world, end hunger, fight human trafficking, etc.  AFTER they make their money and their mark in the world?

‘When I retire…’ or ‘when my house is paid for…’ or ‘when the kids’ college loans are paid off…’


Not buying it.

Couple things:


#1. You won’t do it later, and/or

#2. Before you get to your ‘goal’ you’ll realize that you could have been making a difference all along. You don’t have to wait until you’ve crossed all your man-made thresholds.


Why can’t you do both? Why can’t you work and save the world? Why can’t your work BE saving the world?

Because I am an eternal optimist (really, I am), I’m going to share what I’ve found to be the greatest advice ever.

But wait, there’s more.

Because it is a beautiful Monday (and I LOVE Mondays), I’m going to give you a 2-for-1 special. 2 nuggets of advice for the price of 1. But only for the next 58 minutes…


So here they are…the two secrets to making a difference. The two secrets to doing ALL God has commanded us to do. The two secrets to accomplishing your goals and dreams. The two secrets to doing what you love while at the same time saving the universe. Ready?


#1. Stop making excuses.

#2. Stop making excuses.


Don’t like them? That’s just your excuse for not taking action.

Life is hard. Work is hard. Sharing our faith can be challenging. Relationships are messy. Helping people is a touchy business. Saving the world is frustrating.

You’ll either do it or you won’t.

If you do, God bless you. I pledge to walk alongside you.

If you don’t, save the excuses. You didn’t really want to do it in the first place.

What are you going to do today to go beyond ‘planting some seeds?’

What excuse are you going to STOP using today?

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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