Let ‘Em Eat Cookies. Now.


Maybe you’ve heard the old joke, goes something like this…

Old man is lying on his death bed, hours from his final breath, and he is awakened by his favorite smell: chocolate chip cookies baking in the kitchen.

He musters the last bit of strength in his tired body and drags himself to the kitchen, makes his way to the counter, and with every ounce of energy lifts himself to the top of the counter.

He slowly reaches for a freshly-baked cookie, when out of nowhere his wife smacks his hand with her spatula and yells, “Get out of those cookies! Those are for your funeral!”


Isn’t this how we are, though?

We hold our best for when someone is gone…

We spend hours preparing a wonderful, complimentary eulogy…

We brag about our children, spouse, etc. to everyone we come in contact with.

After they’ve left to go back home. Or left for good.

People need their cookies today. Now.

Not when they’re gone.

Encourage someone today. Brag on someone today. Let them hear what you so freely share with others.

Give them their cookies. Everyone will be happier.

Peace. Pastor Greg. PG’s-13 is an occasional utterance of 13 thoughts, words, lines, etc. that might mean something to somebody, from someone who loves chocolate chip cookies.

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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