Prayer Request or Gossip?


“I have a friend who is struggling with…”

“Can I ask you all to pray for (best friend’s name here)? Her husband just told her…”

“I know this might be personal, but I really think we should be praying for (other best friend’s name here)…”

Christian fellowship and prayer gone bad.

The line we blur between sincere prayer burdens and gossip is becoming increasingly thinner. Invisible, maybe?


The advent of social media only adds to the chaos. We can share the most personal of information with thousands in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, this personal information is usually not our own.

How many times have we seen folks who are ‘burdened’ with what a friend may be going through, share this ‘burden’ (as a prayer request!) with their Facebook friends? And name names?!?!

Please. Spare me your empty words of care and compassion. If you really cared, you would not be sharing the pain and suffering of another with the world. How humiliating for your ‘friend.’

Your frequent posts asking us to pray for your suffering friends do not make you look like Mother Teresa. You look more like a tabloid gossip columnist.

Here’s a test as to how much you really care about the burdens of others:

Where do you turn first: prayer, or a Facebook post?

*That was pretty judgmental. And in a post. The irony is not lost on me. But I didn’t name names! “I have a friend we need to pray for who deals with judgmentalism…” Smile 

About pastoroftheprez

Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, NC.
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